Stock Investing Bootcamp

The most comprehensive course ever created to help you master stock investing

What Will You Learn?

This course teaches how to research and invest in winning stocks like the world's top investors. The goal is to help you master fundamental stock investing in under 3 months and give you a toolkit for building life-changing wealth

More than a year was spent developing this course from scratch and it includes 30+ hours of video content PLUS many downloadable resources such as spreadsheets, data, images, and PDFs. The course contains university level material but focuses on practical applications and real world examples

Who Is This Right For?

    Beginner & intermediate investors who are:

  • Passionate about learning
  • Looking to master financial & business analysis
  • Long-term focused
  • Willing to put in time & effort
  • Excited to take their skillset to an advanced level

Topics Covered Include:

  • ✅ Where to find compelling stock ideas
  • ✅ How to conduct research ("due diligence") on a stock
  • ✅ How to analyze a business and its financial statements
  • ✅ How to assess earnings reports, company filings, & important news
  • ✅ Methods for valuing a business and its stock (DCF, multiples, etc)
  • ✅ How to build financial spreadsheet models & forecasts
  • ✅ Proper position sizing
  • ✅ Portfolio management
  • ✅ Strategies for hedging risk
  • ✅ Shortselling

Topics Not Covered:

  • ❌ Daytrading
  • ❌ Chart Patterns & Indicators
  • ❌ Options Trading
  • ❌ Getting rich quick (excessive risk taking)

Meet Your Instructor

The Stock Bootcamp instructor
Travis Devitt

Travis is a professional investor with over 18 years of experience investing in publicly traded stocks across 20+ countries. He was a senior analyst at Ancient Art LP, a top 100 global hedge fund focused on stocks. Prior to Ancient Art, he worked at Stadium Capital Management, a long/short equity hedge fund

Travis also invests in startups and is a member of NextGen Venture Partners. He has served on boards of several private companies & organizations. He also served as Head of Growth for a successful education startup currently valued at more than $200 million. He earned a B.B.A. in Finance and the Business Honors Program from the University of Texas at Austin

Bootcamp Course Pricing

Gain a highly valuable skillset for a reasonable price

Recorded Course At Your Own Pace

$497 USD
  • 30+ hours of in-depth stock investing videos
  • Lifetime access to recorded video content
  • Content actively updated for freshness
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Historical & practical real-world stock examples
  • Downloadable spreadsheets & sample financial models
  • Quizzes & exercises to test your knowledge
  • Book recommendations & resource links for further study

Live Course with Instructor + Q&A Sessions

$997 USD
  • Live 8-week course led by the instructor (Travis)
  • In-depth walkthroughs of course material & examples
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Access to our private Discord discussion channel
  • Lifetime access to 30+ hours of recorded video content
  • Content actively updated for freshness
  • Historical & practical real-world stock examples
  • Downloadable spreadsheets & sample financial models
  • Quizzes & exercises to test your knowledge
  • Book recommendations & resource links for further study

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

Course completion time varies based on your motivation and commitment level. My goal is for most people to finish the course in under three months, assuming a time commitment of roughly 2-4 hours per week. Although it's theoretically possible to finish the course videos within one week, most students would find it challenging to develop mastery of the topics in such a short time frame

What level of knowledge or training do I need before I begin?

This course was built for beginner and intermediate investors. It's helpful but not necessary to have some knowledge of finance and investing before starting. The course progresses from simple concepts to more advanced ones in order to level up those who start with limited pre-existing knowledge of stock investing. Many real world examples and spreadsheets are used within the course so that anyone who needs more study time on a given concept can do so at their leisure. All of the formulas in the course utilize simple math operations (addition, multiplicaton, division, exponents, etc)

How long can I access the course?

You will have permanent access to the course videos and supplemental material. There is no time limit for finishing the course and you can access the course content as often as you like. I simply ask that you do not distribute the material to others who have not paid for the course given the immense amount of time & effort put into creating and maintaining this course

What if I start and then decide this isn't for me? Is there a refund policy?

There is a 30 day refund policy for this course. If you end up deciding this course is not for you within the first 30 days after purchase, you can email us for a full refund. As long as you have not completed more than 50% of the content, a refund will be issued

Will this course help me generate better portfolio returns?

I cannot guarantee that taking this course will make you richer or more successful at investing. My intention is to provide you with knowledge and tools which have helped others succeed at investing in the past, but it is no guarantee of future success. Investing is difficult and always involves risk of losses due to factors outside our control. You alone are responsible for your investing decisions and outcomes

Will this course help me land a job at a hedge fund?

The knowledge gained from this course might provide you with a strong enough foundation to become a professional investor, but it is no guarantee that you will land a job as a result. Breaking into the hedge fund or wealth management industries is notoriously difficult and often follows traditiional pathways through universities, investment bank internships, etc. I believe this course is one of the best ways to develop an analyst and investor toolkit, but additional efforts are likely needed to meet career aspirations